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Sandy Oggin ja Tero J. Kauppisen yhdessä kirjoittama /grow: The CEO´s Guide to smart leadership by Design -kirja on jo parivaljakon kolmas yhteinen tuotos.

/grow is about what CEOs design today for their companies to thrive today and tomorrow.

Some say that the founder of a small, nimble start-up stands a much better chance of achieving exponential growth than the CEO of a large, established organization.

We say the odds can actually be in your favor.

We believe it is possible to transform existing organizations into players that adapt fast, move fast and grow fast. We believe that it is possible for your company to playan even bigger role in the world than it does today.

You will have to look differently at your business, your organization, your leadership. You will have to move beyond strategy to design. This book will guide you. Discover the five elements that, when designed well, drive your value agenda and, ultimately, growth. Take them for a test run.

Make this your leadership—winning by design.

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