Privacy Policy

  1. Controller

Creavia YVG Oy (Business ID: 0351705-6)

Controller contact information:
VIA Group
Ahventie 4 B 36
02170 Espoo, Finland
Phone 020 740 2800 /

  1. The Name of the register
    Research Register
  2. The Purpose of the processing of personal data
    The purpose of the processing of personal data is to produce the measurement services purchased by either the individual themselves or by their organization.
  3. The data content of the register
    We receive data primarily from the individual using our services or by their employer. The register contains the individual’s basic information (first name, last name, email address) and any information that is generated from answering our surveys and other tests.
  4. The sources for the data in the register
    The register is primarily compiled from VIA Group’s customer relationship management system or from information received from the individual’s organization.
  5. The protection of the register
    The data is gathered into databases that are protected with firewalls, passwords and other technical methods. The administrator is responsible for admitting and permitting user rights. Access to the database is controlled, so that only people with the correct user rights have access to the information. The use of the register requires a username and password. The personal data in the register is stored confidentially.
  6. The transfer of personal data to third parties
    No personal data is transferred to third parties for marketing or any other commercial uses.
  7. The rights of the data subjects
    According to article 26 of the Personal Data Act an individual in the register has the rights to inspect the data, rectify the data, restrict the processing of the data, demand erasure of the data or to receive copies of the data. Any requests must be made either electronically or in writing to the register controller.